Monday, February 16, 2009


So, my boyfriend, family, & I have a healthy fascination with the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

The first time David & I sat down to watch TV together, we were in Chicago. After 2 or so episodes, he had all the kids names memorized along with a some of their personality traits. 

When I lived in Salt Lake I went to Andrea's house a couple times to watch JK+8. We both enjoyed it and Andrea had cable!

I moved back to Pasadena...  Jon & Kate + 8 episodes were definitely added to the DVR list. Ever Monday night is a new episode. And with every episode a renewed desire to have kids one day. This family has inspired my boyfriend to want to have kids someday as well. (Well, this family along with God nudging him with some other factors too.)

Does most of America have the same healthy fascination we do? They are a pretty likable family, with their bearable and seemingly unbearable quirks. Every Monday night you can say "oh how cute" or "can I have one of those?" or "why is she talking over him again?" or "seriously Maddie?" or "Hannah pooped in Hannah's underwears" and the list goes on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It has begun...

Well, my friend Andrea finally pushed me over the edge. Sounds dramatic? It's really not. 

I've decided to create a blog. This decision was inspired by a few people, in no particular order.... 1) Andrea. Her blog is so funny! I only wish I could be as cool as her. I desire for this blog to provide humor like hers does.
2) Cat. She does a great job at updating people in her life about where she is & what she's doing. I desire for this blog to be as informative has hers is.
3) David. He reads everyone else's blog. I want to give him another place to stalk me.
4) Stacey & Hallie. They, also, read everyone else's blog. I want to be the subject of their quality talk time.
5) Robyn. Yes, this is me. I want to be able to verbally vomit sometimes, not only in my journal but online for the above listed to read. I figure this is just another way to be connected to my friends.

So, I look forward to sharing information about what's going on in life from my perspective soon.