Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're Getting Married... :)

So, yesterday, we went to a place called Huntington Gardens in San Marino and walked around beautiful gardens & museums for about 3 hours. Then, we got in the car to head to a little coffee shop in Pasadena to grab caffeine. After that, we got in the car again and headed out of Pasadena in traffic down to Orange County. We ended up at Little Corona Del Mar. We went down to the beach and climbed on some rocks. He suggested we walk to the other side of the beach... so we did. Oh man, and there all laid out was David's blanket. (Thanks Paul & Jessi!) I knew it was his, but tried to say it wasn't. :)

We sat down, and then I knew it was coming! He had me sit on a rock where he started to pull things out of his backpack. He also pulled a Thermos out from behind a rock. He washed my feet and promised me different things in regard to the rest of our lives. He quoted scripture and asked me to be his wife! I said "ya"... and then "yes"!

(*Side note: A few days ago he told me to shave my legs and wear pants I could roll up. I asked as we were walking if he wanted me to do that so we could walk in the water? He said sure. I told him that it might hurt cause it always hurts to shave your legs & walk in salt water on the same day. He laughed and apologized. I didn't walk in the water. But I knew why he told that to me to shave... it's cause he wanted to wash my feet!)

Hiding behind a rock was a picnic basket with our dinner.... eggs, potatoes & bacon. It was gourmet style. (Thanks Todd & Dani!) We ate a little, but I was too excited to finish. Then he said that we had to go to make it to the steakhouse at the Disneyland Hotel for dessert... best flourless chocolate cake ever! We enjoyed dessert & coffee.... then....

This random guy came up to our table and took a picture of our dessert with his iPhone. He totally sat down at our table and was joking with us. He said that there was a plane waiting at the Long Beach Airport that I was going to get to fly! Crazy.... so we left the restaurant and he drove us to the airport. He gave flying instructions and I assisted in flying the plane! We flew over Long Beach & the Los Angeles port, Huntington Beach, and the fireworks at Disneyland! It was awesome. When we got back to the airport, we enjoyed a glass of champagne. It was so much fun!

He totally surpassed any expectations I had and he did a good job at surprising me. :) Oh man, I got a good one! He's great!