Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A couple pictures

These are the bobblehead "cake toppers," that aren't really cake toppers at all, with our wedding cake.
This is my Aunt Terri & Uncle Bill. They make me laugh. I want to put this picture on my fridge.
These are our friends Todd & Danielle. They like to steal cameras. They will be going overseas to live & work. We love them.
This is David & I on our honeymoon. We went on a road trip in MA, CT, & RI. We found Clinton, CT.
This is David & I on our wedding day.


Well, we've been in CA for a few days now, enjoying our time with family and friends. We haven't really taken any pictures. I just wanted to post something quickly, to let you know I haven't forgotten about this blog. I do need to post more, make more of a commitment to updating this. We'll see.

Happy New Year!!

PS... Favorite things about CA.... 1. Friends & Family, of course, 2. Kaffa!, 3. Ichi, 4. Cool/Warm weather in December, 5. Holidays in Pasadena, 6. Coffee Bean... :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Highly Recommended...

David & I have very much enjoyed watching various shows from PBS & the BBC which could be categorized as the "House" series I guess. Not the "House" you are thinking of that is the witty doctor, but "Manor House", "Texas Ranch House", "1900 House", "Frontier House", "Regency House Party", "Colonial House".

The basic theme is that the producers take a modern day group of people, including families and strangers, and place them in a controlled historical environment to make them live as the people of that year in history did. So, in "Texas Ranch House" a family from California and random guys came to a Texas ranch set up as it was in 1867. They had to wear all the clothes of the period and live the lives of a ranchers family & cowboys. They had to get enough cattle to sell by the end of the summer to pay the mortgage of the ranch.
"1900 House" takes place in England. They took a family in 1999 and placed them in a flat fully furnished as it was in 1900. They had to brush their teeth with soda crystals, cook on an iron stove, wear corsets, and buy meat from the butcher who came door to door.

The shows combine reality tv and history lessons at the same time. These shows bring history to life really. It's hard to know what life was really like 100, 150, or 400 years ago... but these people (and viewers like you) have the opportunity to bring history to life. Would you want to get your milk every day from the dairy cow in your yard? Or tie up a corset every morning? Or shave with a straight edge (cutthroat) razor? Or brush your teeth with soda crystals? Or wash your hair with eggs? Or bake in an iron stove with no temperature gauge but your hand? Interesting stuff!

We've checked out every one of these shows we could find at the local library. (Free movies, btw... why go to Blockbuster or do Netflix when you can check out almost any movie for free?)

Wedding & Honeymoon Pics

David has posted some pictures from our wedding & honeymoon on his picture gallery. http://gallery.me.com/dc3

We can't post the "official" wedding pics yet, but if you have any pictures from our wedding you can upload them to David's picture gallery. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So, it's happening again....

It's that time of the month...uh, I mean, year when big changes are coming. You know, the weather changes and it gets a little cooler. The "big change" for all those who do not live in So. Cal. or Florida is the COLD weather that's coming. Another "big change" for single people is MARRIAGE, which David & I will be entering into in 11 days. :)

So, the "so, it's happening again...." title is in reference to even another change. We are moving! Moving where? Back to Salt Lake City. It is official. Yes, we are getting married in 11 days, going on a honeymoon, coming back to So. Cal., packing up, and moving to Utah at the beginning of November. Several factors went into the decision making process including our job & housing situations, and desire to live outside of CA. We processed, prayed, "slept on it", charted our options, etc etc. The conclusion: let's go! It's definitely scary, but exciting at the same time.

Yay!!! We are very excited for this adventure. It is hard to say goodbye to family & friends here, but we definitely believe God is giving us an opportunity to leave California (for a while or for good, we don't know) and experience life in another state. Whoo hooo!

Just thought I'd give an update, although it is brief. If you have questions/comments/concerns (in that order), please let me know! :)
Us in Park City Sept 2008.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dodger Game

Ok, I have to say I thoroughly enjoy baseball games. Unfortunately, this baseball season hasn't seen my usual amount participation as seen in years past. This week I got to go see the Dodgers play against the Rockies. Cat & I went together, we both very much love the Dodgers. We sat in the right pavilion where your ticket includes all you can eat Dodger dogs, soda, nachos, and popcorn. :) I'd say it was worth it... as long as you are hungry & in the mood for ball game food.

Here are some pictures to document our fun time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My David

I love this guy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Idaho & Utah = Udaho

So, this past week, David & I took a vacation to Coeur d'Alene, ID & Salt Lake City, UT. It was soooooooooooo great! The trip was originally planned around the wedding of our friends, Paul & Andrea White. Because we also love Louis & Lindsey, we decided to take an extra couple days off and spend some time with them. Let me tell you, Coeur d'Alene was so cool! Yes, it's a small town, yes a little worn out, yes a little whiskey tango in parts, BUT I enjoyed it a lot and could picture myself living there.

My favorite parts of the trip were as follows...

In CdA:
1. No set schedule in Coeur d'Alene.
2. We got up leisurely
3. Hit up local coffee shops, enjoyed lattes & bowls of soul.
4. Completed some digital errands
5. Went shopping
6. Walked around
7. Checked out the little farmers market
8. Found a bridal shop that had my wedding dress sample that I could try on, show Lindsey and renew my confidence in the choice I made back in March.
9. We also had "gooies" (giant ice cream sundaes)
10. Went out to breakfast
11. Enjoyed Lindsey's cooking
12. Participated in good conversation
13. Just enjoyed being friends.
14. Picking up our rental car that should have been a Corrola, but actually was a red Mercedes Benz! What up!
15. Talking about being eco-friendly
16. Being educated about cloth diapers

In Salt Lake City:
1. Breakfast with Mara at the Park Cafe
2. Late night convos with Erik & Deborah
3. Park Potatoes at the Park Cafe
4. Hanging out with Ana & Jillian Borrego, and being further educated about cloth diapers
5. Rumbi fries & Caribbean Chicken Salad
6. Heidi & Daniel Rogers, & Heidi's homemade headband
7. Chatting with Shannon, Bethany & Laura
8. Celebrating Paul & Andrea's nuptuals
9. Seeing Dave Kroeze
10. Green apple licorice
11. Enjoying all of Andrea's wedding details (table set ups, guest book, decor, food, etc etc)
12. Seeing tons of friends from the Adventure at the wedding
13. Hanging out with David, Erik, Deborah, Heidi & Daniel at the McHenry's
14. Mountains!

Overall, it was great!

*"Udaho" is not a term I came up with. I stole it from Cat Ryono & her associates.*

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food Network

I really like the Food Network. I find myself turning on the tv hoping that Iron Chef America is going to be on. Love it! Last week, they played the same episode like 5 times. I would turn on the tv and happily see that Iron Chef was on. I watched for 1 minute and discovered it was the same episode on the day before or 3 days before. Sucks dude. Tonight was different. It was an episode I hadn't seen yet. Whoo hoo! Who knew strip steak was so versatile?

Engagement Pictures (2)

Here is another link to see engagement pictures, but this time you'll see tons of them instead of just 17. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Casita

  • So, this post is dedicated to Stacey Warner & Dr. Hallie Wells.  (And Andrea too, because this is how we keep up with each others lives.)
  • We talked about blogging & the Casita this weekend, so here you go.

  • Stacey is saying "I am so excited, I think I can see Shamu from here!"

  • Hallie is reflecting on her life lived in beautiful Oregon.
  • I, apparently, wish I could fly.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Engagement Pictures...

Well, (I realized all my blogs start with "So" or "Well".... I'm keeping the tradition alive.)

Here is a link to our photographer's blog. They just posted some of our engagement pics. Have a look!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, starting jobs & ending jobs, and generally working a job, can be stressful at times. There are highs, lows, and unpredictability at times. In the last three years I have had 3 jobs, all started at part time, 2 turned into full time.

The first month of a new job is an interesting one. "Seriously, I have to say all that when I answer the phone?" Or, "Ok, I have to approve every $10 I spend on the company card for post-it purchases." And, "This work a 15 year old could do. Thanks for the lesson in humility, Lord." Also, "Yes, my first paycheck! Wow, why do I have to give to social security when I'm not even guaranteed the S.S. program will be around when I'm in my 60's?"

The last month is usually... "Finally!" Or, "I'm going to wear sweats today. What are they going to do, fire me?" I always have left jobs on my own terms. I've never really been fired. I also have had something else to move to. Well, this time it's different.

I moved back to California, from Utah, to spend more time with my family and boyfriend (at the time). I also was feeling like it was time to move on from working at Standing Together, where I had been employed for 2 years. I packed up everything and moved back to Pasadena. I was living in a house with great roommates, now I'm in my older brother's old room in my parents house. I went from living independent of my family to living under Warren & Ruth's roof, as well as working back at the family business. Those were the things I was getting away from by moving to Utah. God taught me about surrendering my plans to His plan. He showed me how prideful I was and I'm not entitled to get my way all the time. He also walked me through a new season.

On the job subject... I was humbled to come into a job situation that was not ideal. I won't give all the details, but it hasn't been good. It has been extremely hard for me to wake up every morning and get ready for work. I typically sleep for 7-8 hours, but over the last 60 days, I could sleep 9-10 hours! My body knows that I haven't wanted to go to my place of employment. Weird!

I am ending this job maybe today, maybe next week, or maybe in 5 weeks. I don't even know! Do I have another option lined up? Tentatively. Doesn't sound too secure, huh? Well, I have a peace about it. I know California is like the worst place to find a job right now, but God will provide. David & I are planning a wedding which costs money. I drive a car, which costs money. And so on and so on. God is faithful. He provides.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



1. Cat Ryono
2. Cat the feline
3. Cats the musical

Blogging on Blogging

Well, today I had the privilege to spend some quality time with my dear friend Cat. Whether she realized/knew it or not, I felt a little off today. Like all the ducks weren't lining up in a row or I was half a second behind in talking/responding. (As I speak, I'm having trouble thinking of how to even write a sentence!) Oh well. You & I will just have to deal with it. 

Back to Cat. We talked about blogging and I realized I hadn't in a while. Sometimes I think of interesting topics to blog about, but if I don't sit down at my computer right away or I don't write out the idea on the receipt in my purse, they will never be posted! I'd like to address such things as Calvinism, Wedding Planning, Cats, etc.  I've noticed that people blog for different reasons: daily journal, political issues, "stuff Christians like", etc. My thoughts are random & visits to blogger.com are not consistent, so expect my blog to be updated like once a month. 

Just wanted to keep you in the loop I guess. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're Getting Married... :)

So, yesterday, we went to a place called Huntington Gardens in San Marino and walked around beautiful gardens & museums for about 3 hours. Then, we got in the car to head to a little coffee shop in Pasadena to grab caffeine. After that, we got in the car again and headed out of Pasadena in traffic down to Orange County. We ended up at Little Corona Del Mar. We went down to the beach and climbed on some rocks. He suggested we walk to the other side of the beach... so we did. Oh man, and there all laid out was David's blanket. (Thanks Paul & Jessi!) I knew it was his, but tried to say it wasn't. :)

We sat down, and then I knew it was coming! He had me sit on a rock where he started to pull things out of his backpack. He also pulled a Thermos out from behind a rock. He washed my feet and promised me different things in regard to the rest of our lives. He quoted scripture and asked me to be his wife! I said "ya"... and then "yes"!

(*Side note: A few days ago he told me to shave my legs and wear pants I could roll up. I asked as we were walking if he wanted me to do that so we could walk in the water? He said sure. I told him that it might hurt cause it always hurts to shave your legs & walk in salt water on the same day. He laughed and apologized. I didn't walk in the water. But I knew why he told that to me to shave... it's cause he wanted to wash my feet!)

Hiding behind a rock was a picnic basket with our dinner.... eggs, potatoes & bacon. It was gourmet style. (Thanks Todd & Dani!) We ate a little, but I was too excited to finish. Then he said that we had to go to make it to the steakhouse at the Disneyland Hotel for dessert... best flourless chocolate cake ever! We enjoyed dessert & coffee.... then....

This random guy came up to our table and took a picture of our dessert with his iPhone. He totally sat down at our table and was joking with us. He said that there was a plane waiting at the Long Beach Airport that I was going to get to fly! Crazy.... so we left the restaurant and he drove us to the airport. He gave flying instructions and I assisted in flying the plane! We flew over Long Beach & the Los Angeles port, Huntington Beach, and the fireworks at Disneyland! It was awesome. When we got back to the airport, we enjoyed a glass of champagne. It was so much fun!

He totally surpassed any expectations I had and he did a good job at surprising me. :) Oh man, I got a good one! He's great!

Monday, February 16, 2009


So, my boyfriend, family, & I have a healthy fascination with the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

The first time David & I sat down to watch TV together, we were in Chicago. After 2 or so episodes, he had all the kids names memorized along with a some of their personality traits. 

When I lived in Salt Lake I went to Andrea's house a couple times to watch JK+8. We both enjoyed it and Andrea had cable!

I moved back to Pasadena...  Jon & Kate + 8 episodes were definitely added to the DVR list. Ever Monday night is a new episode. And with every episode a renewed desire to have kids one day. This family has inspired my boyfriend to want to have kids someday as well. (Well, this family along with God nudging him with some other factors too.)

Does most of America have the same healthy fascination we do? They are a pretty likable family, with their bearable and seemingly unbearable quirks. Every Monday night you can say "oh how cute" or "can I have one of those?" or "why is she talking over him again?" or "seriously Maddie?" or "Hannah pooped in Hannah's underwears" and the list goes on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It has begun...

Well, my friend Andrea finally pushed me over the edge. Sounds dramatic? It's really not. 

I've decided to create a blog. This decision was inspired by a few people, in no particular order.... 1) Andrea. Her blog is so funny! I only wish I could be as cool as her. I desire for this blog to provide humor like hers does.
2) Cat. She does a great job at updating people in her life about where she is & what she's doing. I desire for this blog to be as informative has hers is.
3) David. He reads everyone else's blog. I want to give him another place to stalk me.
4) Stacey & Hallie. They, also, read everyone else's blog. I want to be the subject of their quality talk time.
5) Robyn. Yes, this is me. I want to be able to verbally vomit sometimes, not only in my journal but online for the above listed to read. I figure this is just another way to be connected to my friends.

So, I look forward to sharing information about what's going on in life from my perspective soon.