Sunday, June 14, 2009

Idaho & Utah = Udaho

So, this past week, David & I took a vacation to Coeur d'Alene, ID & Salt Lake City, UT. It was soooooooooooo great! The trip was originally planned around the wedding of our friends, Paul & Andrea White. Because we also love Louis & Lindsey, we decided to take an extra couple days off and spend some time with them. Let me tell you, Coeur d'Alene was so cool! Yes, it's a small town, yes a little worn out, yes a little whiskey tango in parts, BUT I enjoyed it a lot and could picture myself living there.

My favorite parts of the trip were as follows...

In CdA:
1. No set schedule in Coeur d'Alene.
2. We got up leisurely
3. Hit up local coffee shops, enjoyed lattes & bowls of soul.
4. Completed some digital errands
5. Went shopping
6. Walked around
7. Checked out the little farmers market
8. Found a bridal shop that had my wedding dress sample that I could try on, show Lindsey and renew my confidence in the choice I made back in March.
9. We also had "gooies" (giant ice cream sundaes)
10. Went out to breakfast
11. Enjoyed Lindsey's cooking
12. Participated in good conversation
13. Just enjoyed being friends.
14. Picking up our rental car that should have been a Corrola, but actually was a red Mercedes Benz! What up!
15. Talking about being eco-friendly
16. Being educated about cloth diapers

In Salt Lake City:
1. Breakfast with Mara at the Park Cafe
2. Late night convos with Erik & Deborah
3. Park Potatoes at the Park Cafe
4. Hanging out with Ana & Jillian Borrego, and being further educated about cloth diapers
5. Rumbi fries & Caribbean Chicken Salad
6. Heidi & Daniel Rogers, & Heidi's homemade headband
7. Chatting with Shannon, Bethany & Laura
8. Celebrating Paul & Andrea's nuptuals
9. Seeing Dave Kroeze
10. Green apple licorice
11. Enjoying all of Andrea's wedding details (table set ups, guest book, decor, food, etc etc)
12. Seeing tons of friends from the Adventure at the wedding
13. Hanging out with David, Erik, Deborah, Heidi & Daniel at the McHenry's
14. Mountains!

Overall, it was great!

*"Udaho" is not a term I came up with. I stole it from Cat Ryono & her associates.*


  1. Ha! I loved this post!!! And got so excited that you used the term "Udaho" and then even more excited when you gave me a shout out!! I miss you TERRIBLY and am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! It certainly sounds like it!

    And yes David... we all know your bride is cute!

  2. Oh....this Elessar David. Got it. :) And Robyn, you really need to have a conversation with us about eco-friendli-ism before you jump on the bandwagon.

  3. Oooh Coeur d'Alene! Ross and I are planning on attending a marriage conference there in November. I hear it's pretty but might be cold in Nov?