Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Runner"

It's been a while, I know. I've had different ideas of topics to blog about over the last 3 months but obviously haven't made it to the final step of actually blogging! We vacationed in July (was gonna blog about that), I continue to grow as the baby is growing (was going to blog about that... and still can really), had a birthday (it was nice), and other stuff has happened too.

So what has inspired me to actually bog today? The Runner. There is this guy who works in my building. I like to call him "The Runner". He drives a gold Honda Civic and starts his day at the office at the same time I do, 9:30am. I don't know which company he works for or which floor he works on, other than that he has to ride the elevator to get there.

The past few weeks I've been noticing him more and more. I can stroll into work between 9:25 am and 9:35 am and it's no big deal. I am guessing he has a time card to punch because he pulls into the parking lot around the same time I do and then BOLTS to the doors to get to the elevator to get to his suite. It's pretty funny to watch him frantically run with his backpack, plastic grocery bag (I assume filled with his lunch), and his jacket under his arm. Once, I was coming out of a coffee shop just up the road when an aggressive driver sped around me because I apparently was accelerating at a speed too slow for his liking for pulling out of a parking lot 2 seconds prior. The car was a gold Honda Civic which I followed to our parking lot. I parked then watched him RUN to the doors. I just laughed. I was thinking it'd be fun to take his picture one day all frazzled.

I told David about him last night and he thought it was funny. This morning David took me to work. We pulled into the lot at about 9:25 am. We drove a couple aisles of the lot looking for The Runner's car and saw one that could have been him. Well, after pulling into a parking stop by the front door, David suggested we waited a couple minutes just to see if he would pull up "late." Low and behold at 9:28am who speeds into the parking lot?!? The Runner in his gold Honda Civic. I got excited and said "THERE HE IS" and pointed my phone in the direction at which he would be coming from. The picture below is evidence... it's an action shot.

This may not be that exciting or even funny to you, but I find joy in the little things in life. (Like the guy I don't know who works in my building and can't seem to get to work on time!)