Sunday, November 21, 2010

Changes All the Time

On Friday (2 days ago), he rolled over from his tummy to his back twice. Oh man, it was hard work for him. He fell asleep after the 2nd time. What a strong little boy!

I feel him getting heavier every day. He's so cute. He makes the funniest faces too... he can purse his lips so tight (like he's puckering up), his mouth gets so small. (He has his mom's mouth, fo sho.) He has a great "sad face" like his dad, pouty & quivering with a furrowed brow.

He likes to be held all. the. time. EXCEPT for when he's so so so tired. He will start out in your arms and then be ok with being set down after like 20 minutes. After another 30 minutes passes, if he doesn't feel your body heat near him, he'll let you know you better come to him really soon.

Oh, this little boy. I love him a lot!

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