Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are in a new "stage" as parents say. Well, I feel like we had been in the birth to 8 month stage with David, but now we are in the "I'm 9 months and want to change a ton in just a few days" stage. :)

David is army crawling now. He's trying to figure out the getting up on his hands and knees thing. I'm sure it will happen any day now.

He can pull himself up onto his knees.... and I'm sure any day now he'll be up on his feet!

He got 2 teeth in the past two weeks. So now he has two on bottom and one on top. Again, I'm sure another will come soon.

Ah, being a parent. OH OH OH!!! Here's a good one.... he takes 2 naps a day consistently! Yay! Good job, son. Way to be!

There's your update for now! I hope to be back soon!

Shout out: to Kym & Aunt Judi! I hope you are enjoying your summer!!


  1. He's such a sweet, smiley guy. I hope Cat frames that second picture. Also, I'm going to start harassing you to update your blog more frequently now that you're moving...