Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello, Again!

Has it been 2 & 1/2 months since I've blogged? Oops!!

We LOVE it here. L.O.V.E. I think we'll stay a while. :) If you don't get why, you should come visit.

We've been living in a 2 bedroom apartment, on the third floor. On Monday, we move into a 3 bedroom house!! Yay!! So, there is a bedroom that you will be able to stay in. Yes, that's right, YOU! We are very excited.

David had his 1st birthday a couple weeks ago. He is getting "So big"! And, as his Grammie taught him, he'll show you with his hands up in the air. It's really cute. He'll also flex his muscles when you say "How strong are you?" or "Show me your muscles." He plays peek-a-boo by covering up his eyes with his hands.

He's close to walking on his own. Currently he walks along furniture, the walls, cupboards, the bed, his crib, etc etc. He loves his shoes. He's quite the fun little kid. I still call him my baby even though he's big enough to be a "toddler".

Big David is loving being in the Northwest. He has a few businesses he's working on, and he hangs out with me and the kiddo a lot.

I've been active in a mom's group called "Stroller Strides". We work out during the week with our kiddos in the stroller. When the weather was warmer, we were at the park, now we are "those moms" in the mall. :) I come home almost every time telling David how sore I am!

We LOVE our new church too. The teaching is great and the people are great too! There are several people our age, and a few babies. Once a week, little David & I get together with the other mom's/kids for a play date. They are pretty cute kids!

Ah, well. Today I was having a rough time so David graciously watched the baby while I headed out to Starbucks for some "alone" time. It's where I am now actually. I've prayed, cleared my head, read my Bible, done a couple internet searches, and now am writing this... very uplifting I think. :) I told him I would be home after an hour... which was 15 minutes ago, so I should be off! Enjoy the pics below!

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