Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, I realized that recently I've been super excited about certain things.

SANDALS: I bought two new pairs of sandals for the summer, you know the "trendy" kind that could look like Jesus sandals, but are more stylish. They aren't my typical Rainbows, although I still wear those. These are the kind of sandals to where with cute dresses, etc. I bought them from Target and then God decided it would be great to bless us with some rainy, cold weather for a few days. I haven't worn them yet, but I am EXCITED to soon!

DRESSES: I totally am a bargain hunter and I found two dresses at Macy's on sale and I had store credit. (Score!) David wasn't too fond of them, and neither was my mom, BUT I still liked them. I tried them on for a few girlfriends who affirmed my choice to buy them. I am EXCITED about wearing them too, but they are definitely more for summer weather. (This is the only reason I may have kind of felt like I missed California the other day for like 2 minutes.... knowing that it's been summer since February there.) I think it's going to be 78 here this weekend.... maybe I'll wear a new dress to church! (By the way, we've been going to SJCC for almost a year and a half and I've probably worn a dress once, maybe twice and it was when I was pregnant.)

MICHE BAGS: I am a sucker for marketing scams, uh, I mean strategies, when it comes to purses & jeans particularly. Ahhhhh. I gave in to buying a Miche purse after seeing them on the TV show "How I Made My Millions" and then they were up for the deal of the day on Groupon. I realized they had a kiosk at the mall that I had walked by probably numerous times but didn't look twice. So, the show mentioned above (HIMMM for short) highlights entrepreneurs and how their clever ideas turned into big businesses and made them $$$$. We watched it and I looked into these purses online. They seemed a bit expensive for me, who usually buys a purse at Marshall's or Target for $30. BUT I loved the idea of the Miche purse which is basically one bag that you change the outside covers/shells for. I hate transferring my crap from one purse to another so this would be great for me. HERE'S THE KICKER..... I've had the bag for a month and just used it yesterday for the first time on a date with David. Typically I tote the diaper bag around, so I intentionally got the Miche bag out and had a grand time strutting my stuff in a practically vacant Peruvian restaurant as well as Starbucks with 3 18 year old guys sitting in the corner. I'm that cool. :)

It's funny how I got (and am) SUPER - EXCITED about these things and then waited for weeks to actually use them. What is happening to me?! I may have David take a picture of me in my new sandals & dress, carrying my Miche purse this weekend. What a monumental day it will be!!


  1. blog about something i care for. congrats, you just wasted 10 minutes of my life.

  2. YES- post on friday for fashion friday!! :)