Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How cute is he! :)

David is 6.5 months old now!

Crazy! We go in for his check up on Friday and will get his stats. Ahhhh, my boy. So cute.

He likes to roll all over the place and is what I'll call "pre-crawling". Very vague, but hey. He gets up on his knees and tries to scoot. He hasn't figured out what to do with his hands in crawling.

He babbles.

He has a favorite monkey.

He plays in his little exercise, activity, bouncer seat thing (whatever you call those).

He's learning sign language. :)

He eats 2 and a half "table food" meals a day; usually oatmeal, fruits, veggies, and rice cake things for babies. (Which by the way are a great way to distract him and make him feel included at the table when big David & I are eating dinner.)

He wants to drink everything we do. He tries to drink out of our glasses and looks like a cat lapping at the water. Ha!!

He's super-cute! I think we'll keep him! ;-)

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  1. He's SUPER cute! If you didn't keep him, I'd take him. ;)